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Bros are from Mars, Hoes are from Ridgewood
Hosted by Max Heiges and Jennifer Sullivan

Jordan Rathus
Pat Palermo
Amy Khoshbin
Dustin Piper
Jacques Louis Vidal
Adira Amram

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Epizootics, an exhibition including works by Ivin Ballen, Brian Belott, Kari Cholnoky, Jesse Greenberg, Leeza Meksin and Rachel Williams

In epizoology, an epizootic is a disease event. An epizootic may be: restricted to a specific locale, general or widespread. High population density is a major contributing factor to epizootics.

Defining an epizootic can be subjective; it is based upon the number of new cases in a given population, during a given period, and must be judged to be a rate that exceeds what is expected based on recent experience. Because it is based on what is “expected’ or thought normal, a few cases of a very rare affliction might be classified as an “epizootic”, while many cases of a common affliction would not.


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